Nexx Garage Door Opener Review


Nexx Garage, a true blessing for people who want safety and control along with convenience when it comes to garage door opening and closing. Nexx Garage, a Wi-Fi enabled companion device for your garage door, allows you to check the status of your garage door on your smartphone anywhere in real time. Here is everything you need to know about Nexx Garage Door Opener.

Installation – Hardware

Coming onto the installation, Nexx Garage is an easy setup. It does not matter whether you are a tech expert, you would do fine with the installation. However, if you are unsure about the steps, you can watch a tutorial available online.

There are two hardware components and one software components that make up the device. The hardware components are Nexx Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi receiving module, a set of a magnet and a proximity sensor and a long wire. The software component is the mobile application that can be downloaded from the App store and linked with the hardware components using Wi-Fi. The first of the hardware components is Wi-Fi signal receiver which comes with an adapter that can be plugged into the ceiling where the garage door is plugged into and the two wires attached with it are tapped directly into the garage door opener.

The second hardware is tricky to install. It is a set of magnet and sensor that are attached on the door and the wall next to it respectively and are connected to the main hardware by a really long wire. The magnet and the sensor need to be perfectly aligned with each other in order for Nexx Garage to know whether the door is perfectly closed or not. However, the sensor and the magnet need to be one-eighth to one-quarter inch apart for accurate sensing. Once installed on the door, setting the device up hardly takes five minutes. All you have to do is connect the application with the hardware through Wi-Fi signal of 2.4GHz and follow whatever the application has to say. Make sure that the signals are strong enough for the receiver to work at full potential.

Mobile Application

The mobile application can be used to set up schedules for opening and closing of the door. It also allows multi-user support, which means you can give access to your garage to anyone. Nexx Garage keeps a log of every time your garage door was opened and by whom. So if you are not home and someone comes by your house, you can provide them with access to your garage through Nexx Garage app.

The application can also detect the location of your phone in order to automatically open or close the door when you are near. The technology is called geo fencing. It detects your phone’s location in real time. This technology comes in handy when you are in a rush and cannot wait for the door to open while sitting idly inside your car. The door is opened when the app detects you approaching the house and closes when you are moving away.

Compatibility – Software

Nexx Garage is compatible with some of the renowned brands and companies like Amazon, Google Assistant, and Alexa without any subscription fee or pre-purchase trials. The application can be paired with Google Assistant and Alexa, which enables you to use your voice to control the opening and closing as well as keeping a check on the garage door.

Alexa and Amazon require setting up a security PIN before using the voice command. On the other hand, Google works without the PIN but it can be added for extra security if the need be. Nexx Garage is, however, not compatible with HomeKit, which one of the disadvantages of Nexx.

Nexx Garage can be installed on most of the garage door models and highly compatible with other manufacturers as well. So if you still have old school garage doors and thinking of changing them, don’t as Nexx Garage allows you to make them smart and easier to handle.


Nexx Garage is highly secure as you get to see the status in real time, alerted whenever the door is opened or closed and by whom, and the 7 days log for you to monitor. The device and the mobile app are encrypted so as to keep the hackers and intruders at the bay. If a burglar comes sneaking, you would know, if an unauthorized person opens the door you would know.

Overall Nexx Garage Door Openers, with their quick installation, voice commands with third-party devices like Alexa, compatibility with other brands and door manufacturers, along with real-time updates, data logging system, smartphone connectivity are a perfect solution for people who look to live an automated life in low prices. Nexx garage is one of the best garage door openers available in the market. So grab your gear right now and make your life smarter and easier with Nexx Garage.

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