Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener Review


About Gogogate2Garage Door Opener

Gogogate2 is a Wi-Fi enabled smart garage door opener that employees raspberry pi based controller, a wireless door sensor, and a temperature gauge for its operations. The device can be connected with your smartphone through Gogogate2 app available for both Android and Apple operating systems. With Gogogate2, you can open or shut your garage from anywhere, view live images and record a video to see what is happening inside your garage, check the status of your garage and more. Install the hardware, set up the device using software and you are ready to make your life easier.


As far as the hardware is concerned, you simply have to connect two wires with your existing door opener wall switch. Next comes plugging pre-configured wiring harness into your Gogogate2 device and connecting the device into an AC outlet. Make sure that the Wi-Fi signals at the location of your device are strong enough for software setup and further operations. The software part is nothing but connecting your phone and Gogogate2 module with Wi-Fi signal of 2.4GHz and following the instructions provided by the app. However, even if your garage door opener is configured and you want to use your old remote, it will still work.

Features and Functions

As mentioned above, Gogogate2 offers a wide range of features and functions. You can check whether your door is open or closed on your smartphone, you can control your gate from anywhere on earth, along with sharing access. You can give access of your garage through application to other people as well so the next time someone comes by to visit you and you are away, you can open the door for them, even give access to them through a mobile application. However, they would get the same amount of control as you do so you would have to be careful with this technology.

One thing that only Gogogate2 offers as of yet is the control on three garage doors simultaneously without having the need to buy extra door sensors or modules. You get to control three doors from one place and through one touch.

Gogogate2 Geo-Fencing

Another important feature added in the module is the proximity sensor and access to the location of your mobile phone device. Gogogate2 module senses the location of your device and opens or closes the door whenever you are approaching your home or going away respectively. This is called geo-fencing. You don’t need to pull out your phone in order to open the door. All you have to do is carry it in your pocket and the rest is all handled by Gogogate2 module, it opens the door when it senses that you are approaching and closes when you start moving away. This technology comes in handy when you urgently have to enter your home and can’t wait for the door to take ages to open.

Gogogate2 Smart Camera

 A feature that sets Gogogate2 apart from Chamberlain MyQ and Nexx Garage, is the use of IP smart cameras. Gogogate2 can be connected with IP camera (a product by its parent company) via an app. You can start getting a live visual feed from inside of the garage and you can even start a live chat through this camera technology. Since Gogogate2 can control three doors simultaneously, you can add cameras to all of them as a security measure and get the same results.

If you are away and want to make sure that everything is alright back home, seeing live visuals would be the best option for you. 


The manufacturers of this device were so determined to make it invulnerable to hackers and intruders that they created one of the most secure garage door openers. It is so secure that most of the property owners are now adopting Gogogate2 to secure their properties. No one would ever succeed to sneak into your house without having the authorization.

Voice Control

Gogogate2 garage door opener pairs with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control and commands. You can ask Alexa to open the door for you without having the need to touch your phone. Imagine watching a movie comfortably on your couch, phone lying somewhere in another dimension. Suddenly someone comes by, who would want to get up to open the door? Not me at least. For me, asking Google Assistant to open the door would be the best thing at that particular moment.  

It is also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, not directly though. You can connect to it using IFTTT but that is a complicated procedure.


  • Less expensive as it allows you to control three doors at a time without buying anything extra
  • The hardware is quite easy to install
  • Compatible with most brands and manufacturers
  • Works perfectly with old garage doors


  • Complicated software as complex Wi-Fi networks can cause problems with the connectivity
  • Not directly integrated with HomeKit

With its simple installation and affordable prices, Gogogate2 is surely one of the best brands for Smart garage door openers. Its features, such as IP camera connectivity, multiple-user-access, multiple door control, and geo-fencing make it stand out among its competitors. The security that it provides is unparalleled. Voice commands make this device even special. Gogogate2 has its own drawbacks but the benefits easily outweigh them. This leaves no doubt about it being one of the best smart garage door openers.

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