Best Smart Garage Door Openers


Smart garage door openers are becoming more and more common. They work with smart homes that are based on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Before we get to the best smart garage door openers, let’s find out how to choose a smart garage door.

Smart Garage Doors 101

There are two ways to make your garage door smart. First, you can install a smart garage door opener. The popular brands include Chamberlain, Ryobi, and LiftMaster. The Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener is probably the top name in this regard.

On the other hand, you can add a smart device to your existing garage door opener. Needless to say, this is almost always cheaper and easier. Also, the add-on controllers make use of standard Wi-Fi connections and the apps are usually simple to use.

What to Look for?

There are many options out there. First of all, you will have to choose a model that’s compatible with your smart home assistant (and your garage door opener if you’re buying an add-on). Also, it should be easy to install. Finally, there’s the price.

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Smart Home System Compatibility

This is the most important consideration. You can have multiple smart home assistants in your house, but it can get complicated fast. You might mix things up and activate the wrong assistant by accident. Therefore, it is best to use only one system.


Garage door openers offer you the ability to open and close the garage door. On the other hand, the advanced models also allow you to schedule when to open or close it.

Some models also offer geofencing. This feature opens the garage door automatically as you approach. Also, it closes the door when you leave. You will need a strong Wi-Fi network to use this feature.

Finally, there are models that can connect with security cameras and measure the temperature in your garage.


If you are thinking about a smart garage, you most likely have smart lights and or smart thermostats. If that’s the case, it’s better to get something that’s easy to set up. Also, the installation instructions should be easy to understand.

However, some models do require some DIY skills and prior knowledge. These models are for the tech-savvy folk. Of course, there’s always the option to have it professionally installed.


Like any other purchase, a smart garage door opener should fit into your budget. Determine the amount you are willing to spend and make a list of the desired features. Examine as many models as you can to make sure you are getting the best value for the money. Some models are ready to install out of the box, while others require additional purchases.

Garage Door Openers Compatible with Alexa

Nexx Garage door opener

1. Nexx Garage

The Nexx Garage door opener is fairly affordable and comes with its own control app. It lets you open and close the garage door with your voice, among other things. Likewise, it supports geofencing and multiple users. Also, it tracks opening and closing history. The Nexx Garage works with Alexa and Google Assistant and supports IFTTT.

On the downside, the Nexx Garage requires additional sensors to monitor the door’s status. You will need to wire them to the wall to make the system work.

Finally, the low price and versatility qualify it among the best smart garage door openers.


  • Affordable
  • Supports voice controls
  • Supports geofencing and scheduling


  • Requires additional sensors

2. Gogogate2

If you have an Amazon Smart Home system, you should consider the Gogogate2. While not the most affordable option, it offers excellent features and versatility. Its native app lets you hook it up with security cameras in your garage. Also, it lets you measure the temperature and use geofencing with IFTTT.

The Gogogate2 is compatible with Alexa, among other systems. You can use your Echo to close the garage door from inside your house. This system has its own door status sensor, so there are no additional expenses.

However, the Gogogate2 can be somewhat complicated to install.


  • Can be hooked up to security cameras
  • Measures temperature
  • Voice activated
  • Compatible with geofencing
  • Comes with its own sensors


  • Not the easiest system to install
smart garage door openers

3. Garadget

Like its competitors, the Garadget supports voice controls. Moreover, the Garadget app has an Alexa skill, making it even easier to control via Amazon Echo.

The Garadget add-on is on the affordable side. Also, it is easy to use and install. It has a simple sensor system that features a built-in laser and a reflective tag that goes on the garage door. Along with Alexa, it is compatible with IFTTT.

On the flipside, the Garadget doesn’t support scheduling. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong in the garage, as this model doesn’t have signal boosters.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • The app has its own Alexa skill
  • Has a simple sensor
  • Supports voice controls


  • Doesn’t support scheduling
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4. Garageio

The Garageio is a popular option among those who own an Echo. You should mount this system onto the side of the garage door. It has its own sensor and activator. However, you will need to know how to wire them to your existing garage door opener.

It supports voice commands and is compatible with IFTTT. Additionally, the Garageio app can work with both Android and iOS phones and supports multiple users.

Unlike some other systems, the Garageio doesn’t support scheduling.


  • Reliable
  • Supports voice commands
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Has its own sensor and activator


  • Doesn’t support scheduling

5. Home8

Home8 is there for the DIY bunch. Therefore, if you like to tinker around and build stuff, this is the system for you. The Home8 is a control relay for your existing garage door opener with a lot of potentials. Therefore, it requires a bit of prior knowledge and experience with garage door openers.

This one is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and supports voice commands. Also, it supports live video. On the downside, you will also have to buy a proprietary Home8 sensor with the kit.


  • Excellent customization options
  • Relatively affordable
  • Supports voice commands
  • Supports live video


  • Not for beginners
  • Doesn’t include the sensor
myq app

Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

The Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 is a smart garage door opener that works with the vast majority of brands and models made after 1993. The system comes with a proprietary smartphone app. It is easy to install and offers a range of useful features.

With the app, you can easily open and close the garage doors. Also, it will notify you each time the garage door opens or closes, which is great for families that use the garage to enter and exit the house. On the downside, you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual fee to connect your MYQ account to IFTTT and Google Assistant.


  • Inexpensive
  • Has its own sensors
  • App is easy to use
  • Excellent compatibility


  • You have to pay to connect the app with Google Assistant and IFTTT
  • No Alexa support

Final Thoughts

A smart garage door opener is a nice addition to any home. First of all, it should be compatible with your home system. Also, the door opener should be affordable, easy to install, and loaded with useful features. This list of best smart garage door openers should give you a good idea where to start if you have Amazon Echo in your house.

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